How Can You Maximise Your Business’s Visibility on Google’s SERP?

Visibility is important for all businesses. You see advertisements of businesses on billboards, over the radio, and on the daily papers. They’ve always been likened to your shadow that stalk you everywhere you go. Some find it irritating. some find it frustrating. Personally, I often find ads boring after watching them repeatedly. Why then, do companies still continue

The Panda Race: 4 Direct Steps To Not Get Burned Out (3 of 3)

Feeling overwhelmed and burned out from all the Panda Updates? (It is supposedly continuous and rolling live right now!). With much to be done, you're probably in a state of distress wondering where to start. Over-worrying about the severity of the Panda Penalty and your ranking is probably not going to help. Last week, we've

Knowing the Heart of the Panda (2 of 3)

Confused about the Google Panda? Trying to understand what is the purpose of such an animal’s existence in the virtual space? Last week we went through two major factors that will result in the Panda penalty. This week, let's better understand this often misunderstood algorithmic creature! To fear or not to fear? A major update on Google’s search algorithm

Introducing Appiloque’s Search Series: Google Panda Penalty (1 of 3)

Already in the digital realm with a website that you want to top search engine rankings? (if you're still wondering why this is even important, read this ultimate list) But wait -- having your ranks up is not all there is. You may already be appearing on the glorious first page, or perhaps you are falling

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