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At a glance,

Goal: Young NTUC is the youth wing of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). As the largest youth movement in Singapore, Young NTUC strives to give voice to the needs and aspirations of young workers. As such, our aim was to improve their brand presence for top-of-mind exposure, and get more people to attend their regular events.

Result: Garnered 1.77 million Unique Impressions and 37.0k Total Engagement. The Average People Reached daily was 49.3k. In addition, a consistent facebook fan growth to 20,158 (as of February 2017) from 14,00 facebook fan follows was achieved.


Young NTUC is the largest youth movement in Singapore that strives to give voice to the needs and aspirations of young workers. Since being founded in 2005, Young NTUC has grown to over 180,000 working adults aged 35 years and below.

Constantly launching new programmes that aid and cover a range of causes and beneficiaries in Singapore, from improving the lives of low income families and the elderly to wildlife and animal protection; Young NTUC empowers the youths to reach out to Singaporeans in a way that they want as this allows them to learn how to leaders in their own right.


Since their signing with us in June 2016, we broke down their objectives into 2 stages. In the first phase, we reached out to young workers and provide them with career, motivational tips, and the latest trending industry news garnering more awareness to Young NTUC.
In the second phase, we highlighted the benefits of programs, talks and workshops carried out by Young NTUC. As the youth community is consistently growing and ever-changing, being engaged and participating in events, can benefit young workers.

What we did

Here are some of the unique types of content we created to help Young NTUC grow and engage their fan base:

Career Progression Tips

(Figure 1.)

(Figure 2.)

Taking responsibility for your professional development can be hard and you tend to just go with the flow due to workplace demands or being comfortable with your job scope. That’s why we created a content bucket that focused on career development (Figure 1&2.) so that we can highlight the importance of upskilling and achieving your personal and vocational gains.

In addition, instead of scouring the internet for articles or guidelines to career progression, Young NTUC’s facebook fans know exactly where to go to find tips, creating consistent facebook fan loyalty that’s always growing.

Motivational Quotes

(Figure 3.)

(Figure 4.)

Inspirational quotes (Figure 3&4.) are important because they activate an emotional pulse point in our hearts and minds when we are in a distressing situation. Hence, the right quotes can give us that extra burst of hope and courage to persevere, be it on the commute to work or at home.

This allows Young NTUC’s facebook fans to always be motivated and to broaden their aspirations whenever they see a motivational quote on their feed.

Fresh Graduate – Myths Debunked

(Figure 5.)

(Figure 6.)

After education, most graduates will enter into that wonderful next dimension: Work. But being a fresh graduate in the working world means a whole new world of responsibilities but also a host of misconceptions. That’s why we decided to anchor down content (Figure 5&6.) focusing on this important topic.

Trending Topics

(Figure 7.)

(Figure 8.)

By tracking trending topics (Figure 7&8.), companies can associate their brands with important issues that are relatable to them as well as establishing a connection with popular culture. Hashtags can also be used to affiliate certain topics that can go under the same category such as career and education so that Young NTUC’s facebook fans can have a collective that’s always at their fingertips.


(Figure 9.)

(Figure 10.)

Volunteering is about giving, contributing, and helping other individuals. The Singapore community volunteer for a variety of reasons. Most want to gain experience, acquire new skills, meet new people, or expand their network of contacts as a way to get a new job or start a career. Others want to give back to their community, to help a friend or promote a worthwhile activity.

Therefore we created a content anchor solely focusing on Volunteerism (Figure 9&10.) to appeal to Young NTUC’s facebook fans as they make a substantial percentage of the total social audience. By informing and interacting with them whilst at the same time driving footfall into the various events and initiative collaborations between Young NTUC and other NGOs, we achieved high engagement as well as increased awareness.

Moving Forward

Apart from the quantitative results, Young NTUC found our diverse approach to content marketing and promotion insightful. Currently, we are still handling their social media accounts and they are looking to renew their SEO contract with us as well.

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