Social Media Case Study: New Moon

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At a glance,

Goal: New Moon wanted to improve its brand image and reach out to a younger, more digitally savvy crowd.

Result: Achieved an Average Daily Reach of 3,977 & 1.36 million Impressions. In addition, a consistent facebook fan growth to 18,856 (as of February 2017) from 11,680 facebook fan follows was attained.


Hailing from Singapore, New Moon is a premium brand dedicated to providing Abalone of exceptional quality for its discerning customers.

New Moon also offers a variety of Abalone from various regions around the world from Australia to Mexico to cater to the various taste palates and texture preferences of its customers, and aims to expand its distribution network globally via their other products such as Bird’s Nest and Collagen.

Identified as the number 1 Best-Selling Abalone brand, New Moon aspires to be the foremost choice for astute consumers worldwide.


Since their signing with us in May 2016, we refreshed their digital presence by creating unique content for their Facebook account, and boosting their reach with the help of targeted media buying.

What we did

Here are some of the unique types of content we created to help New Moon grow and engage their fan base:

Interactive Posts

(Figure 1.)

(Figure 2.)

As quizzes (Figure 1&2.) are among one of the most viral and engaging tools, we decided to emulate their popularity as a successful facebook strategy to create quizzes that pick the minds of New Moon’s facebook fans.

By allowing New Moon’s facebook fans to enjoy the challenge and have fun showing off their knowledge, they actively promoted their participation and invited their friends to undertake the quiz thus consequently promoting New Moon.

Product Posts

(Figure 3.)

(Figure 4.)

New Moon’s main offering is its wide Abalone range (Figure 3&4.) and we utilised that factor by creating posts with enticing and attractive visuals to draw in their facebook fans. To make these posts more popular, we made sure to include a call-to-action to interact with New Moon’s facebook fans.

We also posted quality content regularly that was relevant to New Moon’s facebook fans as well as keeping a friendly, conversational tone that is succinct.

Greeting Posts

(Figure 5.)

(Figure 6.)

We created holiday greetings (Figure 5&6.) for New Moon’s facebook fans because they connect on a personal and appeal on an emotional level when you visit the facebook page. They’re also content that’s popular for sharing with your friends and loved ones as they are timely and relevant.

Promotional Posts

(Figure 7.)

(Figure 8.)

Creating promotional posts (Figure 7&8.) are an effective facebook strategy to build relationships with New Moon’s facebook fans, encouraging endorsement and spreading word of mouth that will aid in customer acquisition. To retain customer loyalty, we reward the facebook fans as it’s been proven that many people use facebook to find special offers that aren’t available elsewhere.

Campaign Posts

(Figure 9.)

(Figure 10.)

We created campaigns (Figure 9&10.) focused on the various popular holidays like New Year and Chinese New Year for New Moon. Our aim is to create content that entertains, educates and inspires and thus directing new fans to New Moon’s facebook page, engaging with existing fans and also sending fans to New Moon’s website.

Moving Forward

After a successful execution of the new strategies, there was an increase in the numbers of visitors per day and consequently increase brand awareness. They had the effect of increasing the number of potential customers who were willing to try New Moon. The consistent growth can also be attributed to our strategically chosen keywords.

Need to increase the numbers of visitors to your facebook page per day or increasing the number of visitors to be directed to your website?

You’re in luck! The social media strategies and tools employed by us can help you make your brand achieve the awareness you need! Talk to us at or drop us a call at +65 6871 8967!

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