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Hello there.

If you’ve been a Social Media client with us for some time, you’ll know that we use Google Spreadsheets (commonly referred to as Client Account Sheets, or CAS for short) for our monthly content calendars. But for September’s content, we’re bidding the CAS goodbye and moving to a nifty new software called GAIN!


But first, why did we need a change?

1. An end to clunky spreadsheets

With the help of post labels and a full screen calendar view, you’ll get a quick overview of which category your posts fall into – be it a campaign, contest, new launch, or promo. Say goodbye to scrolling from left to right on a Google spreadsheet, or having trouble finding where your specific event / promo post is!

2. A better way to visualize posts

Spreadsheets don’t allow you to visualize how exactly a post looks like on Facebook or Instagram. But with our new software, simply click into each post and you’ll be able to visualize how every link, image, video, GIF or carousel post looks like. Sounds good?

And if you’re wondering how much we’ll be boosting your post for, simply click into the notes section, where it’ll be stated clearly.

3. Reducing human error

There’s nothing more annoying than spotting a typo mistake in your post, or receiving a visual that does not represent your brand. We know that. That’s why we’ve implemented several internal approval workflows within the software – all content now passes through at least 2 rounds of internal checks before it’s sent to you!

For the first round of internal checks, our Art Director will personally vet through all content, provide feedback, and coordinate revisions with our creative team. Once completed, the second round of internal checks will be done by both the Art Director and your Account Manager, before you get an email notification telling you that you have content to approve. With these internal checks in place, our goal is to provide you with quality content that you don’t have to worry about 🙂

4. No more overlooked emails and WhatsApp messages

The last thing we’d want is to miss out on your input or feedback because of a buried email thread or a WhatsApp message that requires 20 minutes of scrolling to be found.

That’s why whenever there’s content pending your approval, our software will drop you an email with a direct link to the pending content (don’t worry, we only send for post approvals in bulk). You’ll be automatically logged in without needing to create a password, and you can do it either on the desktop or on your mobile.

Upon clicking in, you’ll see the posts pending your approval. All you’d need to do is to click approve or request revision (and type in your feedback)! Sounds easy right?

We’d love your cooperation to keep all feedback inside the software – it’ll really help our creative team by speeding up their workload, and getting your posts up in time!

Let’s make approvals painless

Thanks so much for reading to the end! Now that we’ve told you all about our new content calendar and approval software, try it out when you receive our first approval notification, and let us know what you think!


What should I do if I’m not receiving approval notifications?

  1. Make sure that e-mails from are not ending up in your spam folder.
  2. Check if your corporate server is blocking emails. The best way to do it is to contact your IT department so they can whitelist GAIN e-mails (
  3. If all else fails, tell us, and we’ll assign a temporary password for you to log in here. Do remember to change your password after logging in!

What type of notifications will I receive from the software?

Notifications are an important way for us to keep everyone on the same page – to gather feedback from you and have content approved and published on time.

Hence, you’ll receive an initial notification email when your Community Manager sends you content to approve. If you don’t respond, our software will be sending out reminder emails. We really want to keep your content on schedule, so your support is appreciated!

Lisa Tan

Lisa Tan

Lisa wears multiple hats at Appiloque - digital strategy, agency operations, and content marketing. To keep herself sane, her favourite form of entertainment is free and involves reframing reality, changing it up to something ridiculous and playing out imaginative scenarios. No, she's not mad. Yet.

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