Instagram Business: To have or not to have? That is the question.

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I’ll assume that you are reading this because you finally realise that Instagram is an important part of your social media marketing. Or contemplating if you need Instagram for your business.

Nevertheless, CONGRATULATIONS! I hope that by the time you end this article, you will come to a decision: that Instagram is important for your business! 😂

In this article we’ll answer the following: “What is Instagram?” “How can it help with my business?” “How do I use Instagram for Business?” to get you started on your Instagram Business journey!

What is Instagram?

Instagram Screenshots

Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing or video-sharing that can also be a fun and quirky way to share your business to your fans (or haters 😇). It allows you to take photos and videos of almost anything and share publicly or privately to the world. It can also be shared to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. It’s a beautiful visual universe with its citizens: the ‘Instagramers’.

Today, if your business does not have Instagram or lacks an Instagram presence, you’re missing the big picture.

Visual Content in Social Media Continues to dominate in terms of engagement.

Images are everything, to the current generation of Millennials – especially how they are showcased. People these days do not want to read a chunk of text. They want images. Just images.

According to Facebook IQ:

People look at visuals not just to learn what others have to say but also to express themselves, making images essential in today’s universal language. And Instagram, a visual member of the Facebook family of brands, is where people fluent in that language come together.

Facebook did a survey amongst people aged 13 to 24 years old that are from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France and the United States of America that explored what visual communication means to the participants.

Indeed, the results are very promising! 😇

It seems like the younger crowd is leaving Facebook to focus solely on Instagram.

Why? People now want visuals and not just text. They want to be able to scroll, click and move on fast from one content to the other and that is what Instagram is all about: a beautiful visual universe.

The Millennials

According to Ronnie Charrier, Social Media Specialist with Northcutt, a Chicago-based inbound marketing agency:

Millennials have increasingly become the focus for many in the marketing industry, and for good reason. When looking at recent statistics, we see that 90% of Millennials are using smartphones, 93% are accessing the internet, and 53% own tablets. Even how Millennials consume entertainment has changed, with 28% of respondents aged 18 to 34 watching original programming within 3 days after airing, mostly on their laptops or mobile devices.

Millennials were the first generation to embrace technology. As a Millennial myself, I’m confident to say we’ve been equipped to be able to adapt to any technology changes in the future.

Fact: 73% of Instagramers are between 15 and 35 years old (Millennials! 😉) Also, according the study by Facebook 69% of Millennials check Instagram at home!

And what do Millennials think of Instagram? (again by a survey held by Facebook)

How can Instagram help with my business?

With all that information, by now, you should be asking “How can it help with my business?”

More than 500 million people use Instagram worldwide.

Instagram Users Statistics

In addition, did you know there are 500 million users in Instagram. We’re pretty sure, you would want to reach out to that 500 million users. 😉

Get the power of Visual Story Telling.

Also, we should remember the equation “Image > Text”. We should make our images not just about our products but a story about our products.

Awesome for marketing specific interests / communities.

Personally, I have three personal accounts. Don’t judge! That’s three different interest and communities I want to be involved in!

Photoshop’s Instagram

In fact, if you’re a photography enthusiast like me or just need to look at awesome pictures, you need to follow Photoshop on Instagram. They’re one of the many brands that have a strong personality on Instagram.

Allows fans to peek into your company culture

hootsuite's instagram
hootsuite’s instagram

In addition, if you’re up for it, let the fans know what you’re up to inside your company!

Ways to get your business on Instagram

Now that you’re fully equipped with the facts and knowledge, let’s get down to setting up an account and maintaining it.

1. Create an Instagram account

Getting Started on Instagram
Getting Started on Instagram

The first step is to create an account! Set up your account name (I would highly suggest to put your company’s name as your account name 😉), use your logo as your profile picture and don’t just write ‘Official Instagram Account of XXXX’ because we’re pretty sure your account name and logo already gave that away.

2. Own your hashtag!

They said that nothing’s free in this world, they are wrong! #hashtags are free, so own it! Even I have my own #hashtag, you should too!

3. Share a story with an image/video

GoPro's Instagram
GoPro’s Instagram

My favourite story teller has to be GoPro’s Instagram! Every post shares a different story of a GoPro user. Good Job GoPro!

4. My Personal Favourite: Just Produce Appealing Photos

New Moon Singapore's Instagram
New Moon Singapore’s Instagram

Trust me, this one works!

Moving forward

Honestly speaking, maintaining an Instagram account can be quite a handful but if you persist and keep your homework done (with pride and love), your brand can expect a bright future! Or you can pass your homework to a digital marketing agency 😉. Either way, you can get your brand to the top!

So what are you waiting for? Start your Instagram journey today and let us know your success or fallbacks! Or if you’re still not sure, drop us a message. We’ll be happy to help you!

Lisa Tan

Lisa Tan

Lisa wears multiple hats at Appiloque - digital strategy, agency operations, and content marketing. To keep herself sane, her favourite form of entertainment is free and involves reframing reality, changing it up to something ridiculous and playing out imaginative scenarios. No, she's not mad. Yet.

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