How to Choose Keywords for SEO: The best keyword research tools

Welcome to the third and last part of the series! Now that you understand the types of keywords and steps involved in choosing them, perhaps you need some extra help? The internet is a wonderful place with tons of resources readily available. If you need help choosing the right keywords for SEO, you can definitely find

How to Choose Keywords for SEO: Get it done in 3 simple steps!

Welcome back! The first article of this series shed some light about the 3 types of keywords used in SEO. Now that you understand the types of keywords, here are 3 simple steps to help you choose keywords for SEO! To help you better understand, we have included real-life examples from some of our clients’ campaigns.

How to Choose Keywords for SEO: Types of keywords

Keywords. They kick-start the whole search process and help lead potential visitors to your site. Choose the right keywords and you gain more relevant traffic. Focus on the wrong keywords and you may still end up getting additional traffic, just not the right kind of visitors. The right kind of visitors? They are those who

The Panda Race: 4 Direct Steps To Not Get Burned Out (3 of 3)

Feeling overwhelmed and burned out from all the Panda Updates? (It is supposedly continuous and rolling live right now!). With much to be done, you're probably in a state of distress wondering where to start. Over-worrying about the severity of the Panda Penalty and your ranking is probably not going to help. Last week, we've

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