SEO Case Study: Cedele (F&B)

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At a glance,

Goal: Target Cafe-hoppers and Bakery-lovers – to rank as the top destination when users Google for bakery and cafe related terms

Result: +84 keywords on Page 1 and 2 of Google for related search terms and 170,992 Organic Page Views over 3 months


Cedele started off as a small bakery in 1997 but has since established itself in the F&B scene in Singapore. With its island-wide outlets and wide selection of products including cakes, breads, pastries, sandwiches and salads, they are well-known among Singaporeans as a food destination.

As an established brand that has built its regular customer base, much of Cedele’s traffic come from searches that include its brand name. Although that is favorable, Cedele’s goal is to progressively penetrate the bakery and cafe market in order to target a different segment of customers – the Cafe-hoppers and Bakery-lovers. These people often search the web when looking for a new cafe or bakery to visit and try out. Thus, SEO is what Cedele needs in order to reach out to this segment, by ranking for bakery and cafe related terms aside from branded terms.

Choosing the Broad-match

The broad-match keyword selected for Cedele was “bakery cafe”. We selected “bakery cafe” over other terms due to a few reasons.

  •        The term “bakery cafe” is highly relevant to Cedele’s desired target segment.
  •        It is a term that Cedele was not ranking for previously even though it is relevant to their goal. This will enable them to expand their reach from just their regular customers.
  •        It allows for spill over to “cafe” and “bakery” terms. (Although not key reason)

The terms “cafe” and “bakery” have huge search volumes and even higher relevance. However, we did not select them as their high competition levels make them especially difficult to rank for.

What did we do?

Since Cedele had little understanding about SEO, we provided a lot of explanation about SEO processes and how it can help their business. We assisted them on improving their website from not only the SEO perspective, but also brought in our UX specialist to advise them on improvements.

For a start, we suggested for them to improve their website through blog articles and content copy-writing. Although Cedele already had a blog, it was not frequently updated. The blog (Figure 1) serves to increase visibility as people may read and share the blog articles on social media platforms. It also helps to engage Cedele’s current customer base on their Facebook page. To utilize the full potential of the blog, we went on to advise Cedele on the frequency of articles, content length, internal/external linking and keywords to include. These are all factors that have been shown to affect the performance of the website on search engines.

Figure 1: Screenshot of Cedele’s blog

Our monthly meetings with Cedele became valuable learning sessions as we bring them through the metrics in our SEO reports. We explained how the metrics reflect the improvements that were made, as well as what they reveal about the visitors of their website. For example, through the average session duration and page views per visitor, we noticed that people were spending too little time and viewing only a few pages before leaving. Specifically, most of the views went to the “Homepage” and “Locate us” page.

Thus, we suggested for them to increase the quantity and improve the quality of content on their “Homepage”, “Our Story” page and “Food Category” pages. By elaborating about Cedele and its products, it provides more value for visitors which help engage them further.

Problems faced

As we laid down steps for Cedele to improve their website’s content, we realized that their website was built hard-coded. This means that it is difficult to make changes without a full understanding of the site architecture. To resolve this, we proposed a Custom Web Development proposal to help build dynamic fields which will facilitate content copy-writing.  


Due to our on-site optimization and off-site assets, we managed to help Cedele achieve significant improvements during the campaign period.

Here are some of the key achievements as of March 2017:

  • + 84 Keywords on Page 1 and 2 of Google for related search terms
  • Increase in Website Visits to 109,170 visitors
  • Increase in Organic Page Views to 170,992 views
  • + 2,388 Visibility Score (Calculated using a proprietary formula, based on keyword rankings and reflects the progress of a website in search, across all keywords and search engines targeted in a project)

Position of key search terms:

  • “bakery cafe” : Page 1, 5th position
  • “bakery cafe menu”: Page 1, 1st position
  • “cakes”: Page 1, 1st position

Apart from the quantitative results, Cedele found our educational approach insightful and felt that they grew in knowledge while having us. Currently, we are also handling their social media accounts and they are looking to renew their SEO contract with us as well.

Moving Forward

Looking to improve your business through SEO? Now that you know the difference an SEO agency can make, get in touch with us and let us help you grow your business!

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Joey Wang

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