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If everyone has taken steps to increase their visibility on Google’s SERP, the playing field would been leveled. Now what else could you do? What could differentiate your business from any other business out there? What else can you do on search or social?

Good News! Fully utilizing every inch of the virtual space to its maximum is our business. It’s a challenge we have personally taken upon ourselves to continually pursue. After all, the virtual space is an ever-growing one!

#FunFact 1: There are 3,42 billion Internet Users in the World today, just a decade ago, there were only 1,37 billion. That’s an increase of 249% in just 10 years! –

#FunFact 2: We are to pass 1 zettabyte (ZB) by the end of 2016. That’s 152 million years of 2 hour long 1.5GB HD Videos. – Telegraph Media Group Limited

Since 152 million years ago dates back into the Jurassic period, that could provide T-Rex with HD Movies lasting till today 😂

Facts and fun aside, here’s something we recently encountered – it was a question raised by a client who is working with us for both Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing.

He asked, “Is it possible to add my social media profiles to Google Knowledge Graph?”

Disclaimer: It’s ultimately up to Google whether or not to rank your social media profile. The search engine takes a while to crawl all websites, and there will always be an ever-improving list of factors, for example, profile credibility in terms of page authority. Nonetheless, below are the findings based on businesses we have researched, observed, handled, and have proven to be true!

Bridging the Social-Search Gap

For those who’re unaware, the Knowledge Graph is the featured snippet on the top or on the right that appears whenever a keyword deemed significant by Google is searched. Examples include celebrities, airplanes, fruits, events or even a business as we have covered in our previous Search Article.


Though it may seem like just a tiny facet, this helps differentiate your business from others. Having these social media profiles on your business’ Knowledge Graph are like medals of authenticity and reputability helping your business to stand out amongst others. Aside from that, it provides your social media accounts with increased opportunities for fan growth, and greater social media reach.

And that’s why we’ll be sharing insights on this elusive local business algorithm update with everyone today!

The Preparation Mechanics – Knowledge Graph

#FunFact 3: Wikipedia clicks has dropped by 21% over 12 months after the introduction of Google Knowledge Graph – Wikimedia Statistics

Before we get to the social media profile feature, let’s first cover the baseline – the Knowledge Graph itself. Get these 2 items set up, and your Knowledge Graph will be ready to be displayed by Google!

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a monitoring tool to help manage your website in Google Search results. It helps developers understand how Google views your site, and optimizes your site’s performance in search results.


If you do not have one linked to your site, you aren’t just missing out on the opportunity for your social media profiles to be featured, you are missing on an insightful and free monitoring tool provided by Google.

This works hand-in-hand with Google Analytics, providing insight on search terms that visitors use, and even in submitting sitemaps so Google can crawl through it faster.

2. Structured Data

Structured data refers to information structured in a predictable manner, so search engines can pick it up and display in creative ways. It is best represented in the JSON-LD (Javascript Object Notation for Linked Data) format.

These are the data which will contribute to your business Knowledge Graph i.e. information that Google will display:

  • Industry
  • Opening Hours
  • Contact No./Department
  • Website URL
  • Social Media Profiles

Google has a Structured Data Markup Helper to get you started as well!

If you’re wondering about the need to fill this up even though you may have done it on Google MyBusiness, it also serves for other search engines such as Yahoo! and Bing, and as a baseline for Google’s Knowledge Graph to build upon.

For those who’ve yet to set up your Google MyBusiness, it’s time you get that done! Our previous article will come in handy if you need help 😉

The Grand Reveal – Social Media Profile Feature

There will be an interval time for Google to crawl through the data once you’ve completed the above steps.

Now, what if you’ve done everything and Google displays your Knowledge Graph BUT to your horror, your social media profiles are missing from it?

What other ways can you get Google to feature them? There’s nothing to get worried about, for latest research has revealed information on what makes Google display / hide social media profiles on Knowledge Graphs.

Clue: Google’s logic behind this is similar to what they’ve done for their SERPs.
The Answer: In short, quality in the form of Relevant, Recent, and Reputable content.

Now, how does this translate in terms of Social Media?

3. Social Media Profile

You need to be doing / have these done for social media profiles to appear on Google’s Knowledge Graph:

a. Posting Actively

It may be sharing of links or posting images every couple of days, but this signifies that the account is indeed healthy and breathing. It tells Google that the social media profile has relevant, recent content and is not something that came from the stone age – thus assuring Google that displaying it on the Knowledge Graph will be beneficial for searchers.

The next point is optional, however we believe it will be integrated as part of Google’s algorithm in due time since it makes perfect sense for the progress of the algorithm.

b. Good No. of Page Likes & Fan Engagement

Page Likes and Fan Engagement reveal how popular the social media profile is. Similar to knowing the monthly search volume trends of a certain brand name, this signals to Google that your account has a good following, and is wanted by the community, giving reason for Google to list it onto your Knowledge Graph as well.

After Crossing Over

And that’s how to attain your medal of honor, so to speak. At the end of the day, it’s about quality content! Build a bridge out of solid concrete, not a rotten wooden bridge. After all, the guiding principle that Google has been faithful in following is that – “If you help meet the needs of your visitors, Google will promote you.”

For more information on nifty improvements you can make, stay tuned for our weekly blog entries. And if you need some help leading the way virtually for your business, reach out to our team of digital marketing professionals today!

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