Appiloque uses psychometric tool Emergenetics to build a resilient team in the remote working era

If COVID-19 has proven anything, it’s that only resilient businesses will survive. As a digital marketing agency, we believe we are only as resilient as our people.

Even with Phase 3 on the horizon for Singaporeans, remote working looks like it’s still going to be a big part of working life here.

As a digital marketing agency in Singapore, the logistics of transitioning to a WFH situation was relatively seamless. Even before COVID-19, we already used a whole suite of digital tools for project management and collaboration so we were able to make the move to remote working very early on.

But as time went on, we started seeing the different ways it took a toll on our team. It became clear that if remote working were to be sustainable, we had to look for innovative and meaningful ways to support everyone on the team.

We engaged the help of Joanna Yeoh, Director of talent solutions consultancy firm ConnectOne, to use psychometric tool Emergenetics to boost employee engagement and morale, and build a more resilient team.

“Appiloque aims to be a progressive organisation that invests in its people. When it comes to upskilling staff, SMEs in Singapore tend to focus solely on hard skills. But so much of the day-to-work is dependent on soft skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership qualities, conflict resolution, problem solving and empathy. Emergenetics arms us with the tools and strategies for us to develop these soft skills — I believe it will benefit each team member and make us more resilient as a team,”

Joey Wang, Director of Appiloque

Using Emergenetics as a framework to understand and respect our differences

Built upon a foundation of social analytics, neuroscience and psychology, Emergenetics aims to dissect the way in which people behave, communicate and think through a 100-item questionnaire.

It measures seven key attributes that make up your profile — four thinking patterns (conceptual, analytical, structural and social), and three behaviour patterns (expressiveness, assertiveness and flexibility). 

On an individual level, it helps to understand yourself better. You might have always known that detailed administrative work has always been your least favourite thing to do, but Emergenetics provides a framework for understanding why that is the case.

In this case, the structural way of thinking is just naturally your least preferred mode. It’s neither good nor bad — it is what it is. But knowing this helps to explain why doing this type of work has always been particularly draining for you. 

As a team building tool, Emergenetics offers a clear and intuitive framework to understand each person’s differences — why a person approaches a problem the way they do, what their preferred mode of communication is, where their strengths and weaknesses lie … That heightened level of awareness fosters empathy within the team.

When workers feel like they are understood and supported, they are more likely to make their colleagues feel the same. It all translates to more engaged workers and a resilient team. 

The Meeting of the Minds workshop

To harness the full benefits of Emergenetics, Appiloque engaged Joanna to conduct the Meeting of the Minds workshop for our team. The workshop helped our team …

  • Experience first-hand how our preferred modes of thinking and behavioural tendencies manifest in the workplace on three levels: as an individual, peer-to-peer and as a team. 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of our strengths and potential blindspots individually and as a team. 
  • Pick up practical strategies to improve communication, better accommodate each other’s preferences and leverage our strengths.
  • Understand what keeps each member engaged and motivated at work, and strategies to bring out the best in each other.

We gained so much from the workshop but the most important thing we learnt is that Appiloque is a team made up of unique individuals, and there is ultimately, strength in diversity. 

Want to find out how our team can help your business? Read more here.

Lisa Tan

Lisa Tan

Lisa wears multiple hats at Appiloque - digital strategy, agency operations, and content marketing. To keep herself sane, her favourite form of entertainment is free and involves reframing reality, changing it up to something ridiculous and playing out imaginative scenarios. No, she's not mad. Yet.

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