Good Content: How does it help SEO?

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“Content is King”. Indeed, this saying is overused, but for the right reasons. Good content is powerful and acts as the canvas for SEO to work on. Without good content, what SEO can achieve is limited. When SEO and content marketing are paired up, they are capable of achieving much more. In today’s article, let’s look at how good content helps with SEO.

What is Good Content?

Before we dive straight into the topic, let’s define good content.

Generally, good content:


1) Meets demand

Good content meets the demand of knowledge. It’s that simple. Meet the demand and get satisfied readers who will return for more. Find out what your audience wants to know and cater your content to their needs. You can do so by first looking at questions raised by your existing customers regarding your products or services. Those questions are a good representation of the queries that your audience (future prospects) may have. You can gather such information from your customer service and sales team or take a look at the comment section of your social media accounts.

2) Matches user intent

Besides meeting demand, good content also matches user intent. When your audience enter a query into Google search, what is their intention? What type of information are they looking for?

For example, look at the search terms “criminal law Singapore” and “criminal lawyer Singapore”. The person who searched for “criminal law Singapore” is likely to be looking for an informational article about criminal law in Singapore. On the other hand, searching for “criminal lawyer Singapore” conveys a commercial intent. This person is probably looking to hire a criminal lawyer and may be looking for law firms or details of criminal lawyers.

By matching your content to user intent, you provide the right information at the right time. Of course, to do so, you will need to target the right keywords as well.

3) Provides original and unique information  

Meeting demand and matching user intent by itself is not sufficient when there are tons of information addressing the same demand. Thus, good content also provides original and unique information. For example, it can offer a different perspective on an issue. Ask yourself, what can you offer in which others haven’t or couldn’t?

How good content help SEO

1) Good content appeals to Google

Google’s mission is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. In order for information to be useful, it has to be good. Therefore, it is no surprise that content is one of Google’s top 2 ranking factors.

To ensure that users are provided with the most useful content, Google constantly improves its algorithms so that quality content can be identified and boosted to higher rankings. Thus, the higher the quality of your content, the higher the possibility of ranking better.

2) Good content appeals to readers

By meeting demand and matching user intent with unique content, you attract and retain more readers. This means you are more likely to attract links pointing to your site from other sites (inbound links). Additionally, good content has the potential to gain more social shares when it is posted on your social media accounts. These social shares are also considered inbound links.

You may be wondering, what’s so great about inbound links? The fact is, inbound links is the other factor in Google’s top 2 ranking factors. Sites with more inbound links are seen by Google to have more authority. Hence, they are typically ranked higher.

It’s an Ongoing Process

Producing good content will reap endless benefits for your SEO in the future.

With good content, you kick-start a virtuous cycle:

However, this can only happen if there is consistency in producing good content. Producing a few good pieces of content is a decent start, but definitely not enough to maintain or improve rankings. Remember, there are always competitors who are also vying for the same spots on the SERP. Always look to improve your content regularly and find ways to stand out from the plenty of content online.

Bonus tip! Apart from articles, explore using other kinds of content such as info-graphics, GIFs and videos. These kinds of content are more engaging and increase the possibility of inbound links and social shares.

Moving forward

Now that you understand the difference that good content makes for SEO, go ahead and start creating reader-centric content! Not only do you stand to gain more readers, your SEO will also thank you! Our next article will focus on some best practices that you can adopt to optimize your content for SEO, so stay tuned.

Need more advice on how you can utilise good content to further improve your SEO? Feel free to get in touch with us! (It’ll be worth it😉)

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