Social Media Case Study: Small Potatoes Ice Creamery

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Small Potatoes Ice Creamery is a spin-off from Hong Kong’s popular ice-cream soft serve: Small Potato Ice Creamery, just better! Faye, the owner of Small Potatoes, was the brand ambassador for Small Potato, and fell in love with the velvety, creamy Purple Potato ice-cream. Just earlier this year, Faye decided to venture into the soft-serve industry with her uniquely positioned Purple Potato Soft Serve product!

We’re proud to say that Appiloque has grown with the brand in the recent months and has achieved consistent high growth rates with Small Potatoes Ice Creamery. After all, it’s no secret how Social Media channels are just about the essential element for brand building!

Social Media Case Study Metrics for Period: 1 August – 1 October 2016

Within a short span of 2 months, we’ve achieved:

  • +2,290 Facebook Fan Growth, which translates into an increase of 1,260% compared to pre-campaign period
  • +228,000 Impressions
  • +5,110 Engaged Public

If you’d like to find out how we achieved high engagement rates with minimal Ad Spend, read on!

Content Types:

1. Product Photography


2. Pokemon Go Themed Contest


3. Lifestyle Graphic Content


4. Fan Photography Reposts


5. Brand Educational Content


6. GIFs

GIFs are just about the most interesting thing that brand can utilise to up their content game! (If you’d like to find out more about GIFs for Social Media, look here!)

Here’s one featuring their mini pistachio takeaway cup, one of their newly launched products we wanted to boost exposure for:

And here’s a GIF we did for Small Potatoes’ upcoming 2nd Store Opening at 313 Somerset, to build up a sense of anticipation as well as fan engagement:

GIFs definitely require more effort and technical skills than regular posts do! If you’d like to feature GIFs consistently on your Social Media Page, why not consider engaging a digital marketing agency? 😉

7. Micro Video

As a Social Media Agency, we believe in a truthful representation of our Clients’ products, because they are simply that good. For one, Small Potatoes Ice Creamery is the first healthier choice certified soft serve ice-cream shop locally! We’ve seen it for ourselves, how their staff thoroughly clean the soft serve machines every single day, twice! As such, we decided to produce a micro video, with fast forward footages of the entire cleaning process:

Within just hours of posting the micro-video, we’ve achieved a reach of ~1800 Organic Impressions (zero ad spend!), with an engagement rate of approximately 10.2%!

8. Smart Content Reposts

Who wouldn’t love healthy purple ice-cream made of Kumamoto Potatoes and Hokkaido Milk? The Smart Local dropped by to visit Small Potatoes and did up a feature video! We rode on the success that the video was garnering and further increased its exposure through Media Buying and appropriate targeting.


9. Facebook Shop Set-Up


Here’s our last tip for you guys – make use of the Facebook Shop function which works to display your products and their pricing. Do you know that you can also tag these products in your regular Social Media image postings? 

Moving Forward

Well, it’s the end of October now and Small Potatoes Ice Creamery has achieved new high scores with their Social Media platforms – significant digital traction, which would eventually translate to physical retail sales, should the stars align. Of course, businesses should also consider other factors such as suitable pricing and a convenient location so that digital traction translates to corresponding sales figures. 

The good news is, Small Potatoes Ice Creamery will soon be more accessible for its existing and potential fans, with its second store opening in a few more days at 313 Somerset.

We’re looking forward to creating more milestones with Small Potatoes, as they differentiate themselves further in the local soft-serve market as Singapore’s healthiest soft-serves!

Joey Wang

Joey Wang

Joey is captain of Appiloque's spaceship. He spends his time charting the company's future and spearheading innovation projects that make business sense. Occasionally, he gets mistaken for a computer since he doesn't need a calculator and overheats when running too many processes.

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