Content Block? OH NO, here are some ideas to combat it!

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If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’ll probably know that we’re very keen in helping brands progress in their social media journey. Therefore, if you’ve yet to set up your Facebook or Instagram, my only advice is for you to set it up. NOW. If you need convincing, read more here.

And if you already have that sorted out, read on ✌️

Let’s get this started!

Setting up a brand’s Social Media account is easy. Some of you might also find it a fun thing to do – ideas will come flowing into your mind and you’ll feel like you can do this forever! 

However, the time will come when you’re sitting down in front of your computer and you think to yourself, “I have nothing to post about”, or your brain is just screaming HELP!  This means only one thing, you are having a CONTENT BLOCK. Alright, I invented that term. It came from the word “Creative Block”. 

What is a Creative Block?

Creative blocks are such abstract notions that it’s hard to pin down a specific definition of what they are and why they occur. The general consensus seems to be that a period of time when an artist can’t access their inspiration or can’t bring themselves to create new work–is a creative block. It’s that blank page syndrome by another name.

Now, you might not be feeling a need to read this, but believe me, the time will come and you’ll frantically search for this article and you can thank me later. 😉

Anyway, this blog will help you get up on your feet because you’re not the only one with that problem – me too!

Strings Attached

When ideas don’t come when we need it the most, we get frustrated. And if you’re like me, I get crazy especially when I have deadlines to meet.

When ideas don’t come, we end up posting something crappy or not posting at all! Sadly, this means our brand suffers. Fans might unfollow our brand, or if we don’t have enough content, our brand will lose its social media presence. It’ll be a lose-lose. Then all of our hard work will be gone and it is back to square one all over again.

Nevertheless, fear not! We have the solution for you!

Here are some Social Media Content Ideas you can play around and experiment with!


1. GIFs

GIFs are silent movies and they sell! Read more here if you want to know what kind of GIF is for you!

2. Follow Daily Themes


Buffer's Motivational Monday
Buffer’s Motivational Monday

Examples include:

  • Monday: #MotivationalMonday #TGIM
  • Tuesday: #TriviaTuesday #TuesdayTip
  • Wednesday: #WednesdayWisdom
  • Thursday: #ThrowbackThursday #ThursdayThoughts
  • Friday: #FrenzyFriday #TGIFriday
  • Saturday: #SocialSaturday
  • Sunday: #SelfieSunday

And there are more like #FanOfTheWeek #QuoteOfTheWeek etc.

Cat & the Fiddle - November Cake of the Month
Cat & the Fiddle – November Cake of the Month

Cat & the Fiddle‘s Cake of the Month is a good example of a monthly theme. They’re one of my favourite Cheesecake brands AND they have 20% off monthly for different cakes!

3. Celebrate a Funny or an Unusual Holiday

Cat & the Fiddle - Black Cat Appreciation Day
Cat & the Fiddle – Black Cat Appreciation Day

Also, if you want to be super creative, create your own holiday! Cat & the Fiddle did a giveaway for Black Cat Appreciation Day this year and it was superb!

4. Post an engaging question

Cake Avenue's Facebook Page
Cake Avenue’s Facebook Page

Cake Avenue frequently throws questions to its fans and never fails to engage their growing audience!

5. Do a behind-the-scenes or feature people behind the business

Buffer Spotted
Buffer Spotted

I personally love how Buffer showcases their culture with things like this. I’m sure you can showcase your behind-the-scenes and hardworking staff in your own unique way too!

6. Share relevant third party resources

Last but not the least, share relevant stories or talk about trending topics that your fans can relate to. Articles, GIFs, or funny videos! After all, the power is all in your hands. However, be careful of what you share because it might affect your brand image!

Moving Forward:

Creative Content can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Nevertheless, it need not be that case. Think of yourself as a bored person scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed – what kind of content will entertain you? After answering that question, ideas will start coming in. When that happens, pen them down because it will surely help in the future.

Alternatively, you can contact a Digital Marketing Agency to help you with your Social Media journey or just to simply answer your questions!

Lisa Tan

Lisa Tan

Lisa wears multiple hats at Appiloque - digital strategy, agency operations, and content marketing. To keep herself sane, her favourite form of entertainment is free and involves reframing reality, changing it up to something ridiculous and playing out imaginative scenarios. No, she's not mad. Yet.

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