Social Media Case Study: Cake Avenue

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10 years ago, CS and Natalie, started Cake Avenue, a specialty cake shop in Singapore. Having crafted over 20 000 unique 3D cakes for home-deliveries and parties, they were eager to grow the brand even more after having opened their first cafe cum event space earlier this year at 33 Lorong Kilat. Although already well-known for their 3D cakes, they wanted to spread the word about their event space, and that is exactly what we they enlisted our help for!

Given the need for custom quotations for cakes and events, their sales are largely made through Facebook. Our goal, therefore, was to nurture leads from Facebook, increasing interest and conversations for the brand.

Social Media Case Study Metrics for Period: August – October 2016

Within a short span of 2 months, we’ve achieved:

  • Average of 240 Conversations / Week (Leads)
  • +52,716 Average Impressions / Week (Total 421,731 Impressions)
  • +12,639 Engagements / Week (an increase of +153.9% compared to pre-campaign period)
  • +Average 520 Fans / week (from 35,727 to 39,900 fans)

So how did we manage to grow and engage their fan base as much as we did? Here are some of the more successful types of content we created that has helped the brand successfully get to where is it now:

Types of Content

1. Product Posts

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-12-30-07-amBecause Cake Avenue’s main pulling factor is their unique 3D cakes, we regularly create posts with images of their cakes to draw in an audience. Images that feature their cakes are generally popular and easily shared, which is why we always make sure to include a call to action on such posts.

2. Brand Educational Content

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-12-30-07-amBecause Cake Avenue is a brand that regularly caters to events like birthday parties, we wanted to position the brand as one that knowledgeable in their field of expertise. In order to do so while still keeping the subject light and fun, we created a series of “Children’s party tips”. 

3. Relatable Quotes

4Relatable quotes are an easy way of sharing humorous content with your fanbase while also humanising your brand. 

4. Holiday Greetings

2Holiday greetings are a great way of connecting with your audience and will give you the kind of engagement you seek. Why are they so popular? Well, holiday posts are:

  • Emotionally appealing (Which, by the way, also helps foster a sense of community.)
  • Timely and relevant
  • Highly shareable

5. Staying on Trend


Keeping with the Pokemon Go craze that swept the nation in August, we crafted a wall contest that kept with the Pokemon theme. The result was a huge surge in fan engagement and page likes early on in the campaign, with almost 400 participants taking part in the contest.

This showed the power and importance of monitoring trending topics – an effective way of capturing the attention of a broader audience. 

6. Engagement Posts


Engaging your audience is a great way to build a community of fans for your brand. An engaged audience is a following that knows, likes, and trusts you. There are multiple ways for you to do this – in Cake Avenue’s campaign, we do it by posting mini-games like riddles, tongue twisters and anagrams.


This post asks audience to vote on either one of two widely loved flavours: Red Velvet or Chocolate. Tapping onto popular subjects is a great way of fostering audience interaction and creating general discussion! Remember the Blue Vs White dress debacle, anyone?

7. Promotional Content

Promotional posts are an effective tool for not only customer acquisition, but also for customer loyalty.


Above are just a few of the responses we got through the post. It shows how powerful promotional posts are in converting leads!

8. Lifestyle Content

Another way of fostering a sense of community with your audience is by posting lifestyle content that they can relate to. We share content that represents who we are, so when you create content that shows a deep understanding of someone’s life experience, they’re more likely to share the content with others!

Moving Forward

We hope our tips on content creation came in handy, just like how it helped Cake Avenue! If you’re looking for an agency to help you build your brand and drive leads, we might know of a pretty decent one 😉

As Cake Avenue continues to grow, we look forward to reaching more milestones with them and helping them translate their online popularity offline as well. In fact, if you find yourself around the Bukit Timah area, you could aways drop by their cafe and have a look for yourself!


Lisa Tan

Lisa Tan

Lisa wears multiple hats at Appiloque - digital strategy, agency operations, and content marketing. To keep herself sane, her favourite form of entertainment is free and involves reframing reality, changing it up to something ridiculous and playing out imaginative scenarios. No, she's not mad. Yet.

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