Social Media Case Study: Cat & The Fiddle

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At a glance,

Goal: Being an online cheesecake delivery store, Cat & The Fiddle found the need to emphasise on digital advertising and marketing on facebook to generate interest and boost online engagement and conversation to their prospective and existing customers.

Result: Garnered 17,711 Post Engagements & 876,070 Impressions in just 4 months! In addition, a consistent facebook fan growth to 38,900 (as of February 2017) from 32,744 facebook fan follows was acquired.


Celebrity Pastry Chef Daniel Tay’s newest offering, Cat & The Fiddle is Singapore’s first online premium cheesecake shop that takes it a step further – by creating a brand and spinning stories (it involves the cat fiddling with a cow’s udders) behind its creations.

At Cat & The Fiddle, you’ll find a diverse selection of 17 varieties of gourmet cheesecakes comprising of faithful classics like the Classic New York Cheesecake and Oreo Cookies & Cream, the Japanese Yuzu cake that was inspired by a manga character called Maneki Neko and even specially-composed medleys of bestsellers (So you get to try 10 spectacular flavours in one awesome cake)!


Since their signing with us in August 2016, we’ve used a wide variety of Lead Generation, Event Responses, Post Engagement, Page Like, App Install, and Website Conversion ads as well as creating unique content to fulfil their respective objectives.

What did we do?

First of all, we broke the social media campaign into 4 stages:

In stage 1, to raise further heightened awareness for Cat & The Fiddle, we started promoting the various cheesecake flavours (Figure 1&2.) and highlighting the ease of purchase through the online store (Figure 3&4.).

(Figure 1.)

(Figure 2.)

(Figure 3.)

(Figure 4.)

In stage 2, to lead them up from their awareness phase to their consideration phase, we rolled out monthly cake promotions for different flavours (Figure 5&6.) to create an urgency for customers to purchase them; successfully achieving the conversion phase. This also proved to be an effective tool for not only customer acquisition, but also for customer loyalty.

(Figure 5.)

(Figure 6.)

In stage 3, we created bi-weekly giveaways (Figure 7&8.), that would serve to generate engagement and increased interaction as customers are encouraged to like Cat & The Fiddle’s facebook page in order to qualify for the giveaway and in turn builds Cat & The Fiddle’s social media presence.

(Figure 7.)

(Figure 8.)

In stage 4, we created effective campaigns for Christmas (Figure 9.) and Valentine’s Day (Figure 10.) that encouraged customers’ to tag their loved ones and friends or answer a question. The reasoning behind this is because Cat & The Fiddle’s cakes are generally popular and easily shared and that’s why we added a stronger call to action to make it more fun!

(Figure 9.)

(Figure 10.)

In stage 5, we also used various facebook ads that allowed us to accomplish objectives such as gathering more leads (Figure 11&12.) and app installs (Figure 13&14.) to be achieved.

(Figure 11.)

(Figure 12.)

(Figure 13.)

(Figure 14.)

Moving Forward

Apart from executing the ads, we made the extra effort to monitor the ads and propose suggestions regularly to better optimise them. We also ensured that we utilised the budget efficiently in order to produce the best possible results.

As Cat & The Fiddle continues to grow, we look forward to reaching more milestones with them and helping them translate their online popularity offline as well.

We hope our in-depth analysis on one of our clients came in handy in helping you make a decision on building your brand and drive leads!

Want to reap the benefits of digital ads but not sure where to start? Let us assist you in reaching out to the right prospects for your business!

Lisa Tan

Lisa Tan

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