How to do Site Migration Without Hurting Google Rankings: Step-by-step

Small changes in design, content and structure typically pose no harm to your Google rankings. However, when the change involves migrating the site, you risk hurting your Google rankings. The need for site migration may arise due to various reasons. Perhaps you need to change your domain due to a change in company name, or on

Staying Social on the Search: Get your social media profiles on Google

If everyone has taken steps to increase their visibility on Google’s SERP, the playing field would been leveled. Now what else could you do? What could differentiate your business from any other business out there? What else can you do on search or social? Good News! Fully utilizing every inch of the virtual space to its

The Panda Race: 4 Direct Steps To Not Get Burned Out (3 of 3)

Feeling overwhelmed and burned out from all the Panda Updates? (It is supposedly continuous and rolling live right now!). With much to be done, you're probably in a state of distress wondering where to start. Over-worrying about the severity of the Panda Penalty and your ranking is probably not going to help. Last week, we've

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