Good Content: How does it help SEO?

“Content is King”. Indeed, this saying is overused, but for the right reasons. Good content is powerful and acts as the canvas for SEO to work on. Without good content, what SEO can achieve is limited. When SEO and content marketing are paired up, they are capable of achieving much more. In today’s article, let’s

How to do Site Migration Without Hurting Google Rankings: Step-by-step

Small changes in design, content and structure typically pose no harm to your Google rankings. However, when the change involves migrating the site, you risk hurting your Google rankings. The need for site migration may arise due to various reasons. Perhaps you need to change your domain due to a change in company name, or on

How to Choose Keywords for SEO: The best keyword research tools

Welcome to the third and last part of the series! Now that you understand the types of keywords and steps involved in choosing them, perhaps you need some extra help? The internet is a wonderful place with tons of resources readily available. If you need help choosing the right keywords for SEO, you can definitely find

SEO Case Study: Cedele (F&B)

At a glance, Goal: Target Cafe-hoppers and Bakery-lovers – to rank as the top destination when users Google for bakery and cafe related terms Result: +84 keywords on Page 1 and 2 of Google for related search terms and 170,992 Organic Page Views over 3 months Introduction Cedele started off as a small bakery in 1997

How to Choose Keywords for SEO: Get it done in 3 simple steps!

Welcome back! The first article of this series shed some light about the 3 types of keywords used in SEO. Now that you understand the types of keywords, here are 3 simple steps to help you choose keywords for SEO! To help you better understand, we have included real-life examples from some of our clients’ campaigns.

How to Choose Keywords for SEO: Types of keywords

Keywords. They kick-start the whole search process and help lead potential visitors to your site. Choose the right keywords and you gain more relevant traffic. Focus on the wrong keywords and you may still end up getting additional traffic, just not the right kind of visitors. The right kind of visitors? They are those who

A Keywords Guide For Present-Day SEO (With Free Tools!)

There's been much news lately on the present value of keyword rankings and debates on the need to track its progress. Are keywords really dead? This article helps to de-clutter the relevance of keyword research for present-day SEO, including actionable tips on this topic. There's much to consider beyond keyword rankings, but keywords are definitely still alive

The Little-known Facts Of Search ROI: What You’re Missing Out

Thinking of embarking on a Search Marketing campaign? You'll definitely be interested in knowing your Search ROI then - and this post will come in handy to refresh your perspective on goal setting! The goals you set for your campaign have to evolve in tandem with a constantly evolving search engine and digital behaviors. In

How The Mobile Phone Has Changed The Rules of The Game

The mobile phone has reshaped us, and in particular, our search habits. With characteristic changes on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), how should you position your brand to safeguard its visibility? Here's an example. I'm looking for a lunch place and I recall reading an article on Facebook on good Thai restaurants around the area. I pull

Staying Social on the Search: Get your social media profiles on Google

If everyone has taken steps to increase their visibility on Google’s SERP, the playing field would been leveled. Now what else could you do? What could differentiate your business from any other business out there? What else can you do on search or social? Good News! Fully utilizing every inch of the virtual space to its

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